Van Heusen Performa

Crush resist Stain resist Breathable

Van Heusen Performa suits are crafted with cutting edge Nano-Technologies and high-twist yarn to help you handle whatever life throws at you.

Perfect for the business traveller, the innovative fabric works by enabling the garment to return to its original smooth, stain-free state in an instant.

Stain Resistant/Water Resistant:

Van Heusen Performa's stain resistant properties are achieved with Nano-Technology. The yarn is atomized to produce what's known as Nano Whiskers, and then treated with a silicate non toxic finish (this is not a Teflon related finish). This enables the fabric to behave similarly to a lotus leaf causing water and other liquids bead and roll away. It will also deflect some foods. The need for dry cleaning is reduced (making the garment environmentally friendly), while the feel of the fabric is not affected.

Crush Resistant:

In addition, utilising a high twist yarn gives the fabric a memory, enabling it to return to its original (crush-free) finish quickly. The yarn is super spun, meaning it is twisted 2-3 times more than regular yarns.


As the Nano-Technology is applied not to the finished fabric but to the yarn, it enables the fabric to maintain its breathability. And due to the Nano Whiskers, air particles are able to pass through the fabric where water particles generally aren't.